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Open Wheelchair Part List

The parts list is broken into 3 parts:

  • PVC Frame,
  • Gear Train, and
  • Electronics.
The frame is adjustable to the size of the child and so you will need to make six measurements of your child with a rule or tape measure, and enter the results below to get the correct size of the PVC segments, so that your wheelchair can be perfectly tailored to the size of your child.

When you press the "Size Parts" button, below you will be give a total list of all the PVC segments that will need to be cut for the wheelchair. This will also calculate the total length of PVC that you will need to purchase. You should buy extra PVC, because there will be remnants from each stock piece that is cut.

Child's Measurements

M1 Seat Width. Measure distance between hips (inches)
M2 Seat Depth. Measure inside of knee to back of hips (inches)
M3 Foreleg Length.Measure from inside of knee to bottom of foot (inches)
M4 Back Length.Measure from bottom of seat to top of shoulders (inches)
M5 Arm rest height. Measure from bottom of seat to elbow (inches)
M6 Forearm length. Measure from elbow to tip of fingers. (inches)

If you purchase your PVC piping and connectors from www.formufit.com, you can get get them in a variety of colors. When ordering use the color suffix.

PVC Parts List

1/2" PVC Pipe Segments (From www.formufit.com Part Number: P012FGP-COLOR-5)

Part Number Description Pipe Length (inches) Quantity
PVC-PIPE1 Based on seat depth. PIPE1= M2 2
PVC-PIPE2 Based on seat width. PIPE2= M1+1 9
PVC-PIPE3 Fixed at 3.5"
PVC-PIPE4 Half of seat depth. PIPE4= (M2-1") / 2 6
PVC-PIPE5 Based on back length. PIPE5= M4 - 5.5"
PVC-PIPE6 Based seat width. PIPE6= M1-3"
PVC-PIPE7 based on back length. PIPE7= PIPE5+8" 1
PVC-PIPE8 Elbow height. Minimum is (1.5"). PIPE5= M5 2
PVC-PIPE9 Fixed at the minimum of (1.5"). PIPE5=1.5" 5
PVC-PIPE10 Based on foreleg height. PIPE5= PIPE11-2.5" 2
PVC-PIPE11 Based on foreleg height. The minimum is 7". PIPE3= M3-3" 6
PVC-PIPE12 Based on elbow height. PIPE12= PIPE11-2.5" 2
PVC-PIPE13 Based on forearm length. PIPE13= M6 2
TOTAL PVC Total Length: (feet) Cost White: ($) Cost Color: ($)

1/2" PVC Connectors
(From www.formufit.com)

Pricing for both plain white and colored PVC is listed as of 2019. Colored PVC costs about 33% more.

Part Description Part Number Quantity Cost White Cost Colored
PVC-CON-A 4-Way Tee Connect 1/2" F0124WT-COLOR 10 $1.70 ($17.00) $2.20 ($22.00)
PVC-CON-C 3-Way Elbow Connect1/2" F0123WE-COLOR 6 $1.50 ($9.00) $1.95 ($11.70)
PVC-CON-D 90 Degree Connect 1/2" F01290E-COLOR 6 $1.10 ($6.60) $1.45 ($8.70)
PVC-CON-E Tee Connect1/2" F012TEE-COLOR 2 $1.30 ($2.60) $1.95 ($3.90)
PVC-CON-F Slip Sling Tee Connect1/2" F012STE-COLOR 9 $1.90 ($17.10) $2.50 ($22.50)
TOTAL $57.50 $76.60







All prices are in $USD. Note that because the design is evloving part numbers, prices, or suppliers may change without notice.

Main Parts List

Part Description Part Number Supplier Cost QTY Freight Total


PVC pipe and fittings Furniture grade PVC See PVC Parts List. (Cost here is for White PVC.) www.formufit.com/ $57.50 1 $20 $77.00
Seatbelt Auto-Style Positioning Belt 45928 www.1800wheelchair.com
or smile.amazon.com
$12.50 1 $4.00 $16.50
Fastener Pack Pack of screws, and clamps. FASTENER-PACK www.openwheelchair.org $14.95 1 $0.00, if purchased with controller, below. $14.95


Note that you can purchase a cushion or make one yourself.

Hand Made, or Comfort Company Curve Pediatric Cushion

Multiple sizes are available. 10"x10", or 12"x12" is a good size if you are unsure. Note that if you use this option you will need to use these dimensions in the calculator above for the hip width M1, and the femur length M2. The seat cushion can be sewn and assembled, or optionally a more expensive off the shelf seat cushion can be purchased.

http://www.medicaleshop.com/ $61.68 1 $18.28 $79.96
Seat and Back Panels

Note that you can use any available durable flat material such as plywood or plastic.
High Density Polyethylene Sheet, 1/4" Thick The size depends on your chair dimensions. 24"x24" will accomodate most chairs. smile.amazon.com $28.12 1 $0.00 $28.12
Velcro Velcro is used to hold down seat panels, battery, and the controller board. 1" Self Adhesive Black Hook and Loop smile.amazon.com $7.89 1 $0.00 $7.89


Motor 12V 45mm Diameter Gear Head Motor with 10mm Diameter Shaft
PG45M775126000-32.5K www.openwheelchair.com These can also sometimes be found on www.aliexpress.com but are more expensive, in small quantities. $30 2 $0.00 $59.95
Motor Bracket Mounts motor to wheelchair MOTOR-BRACKET www.openwheelchair.org $14.95 2 $0.00, if purchased with controller, below.
Set Screw Hub Actobotics 10mm Bore 0.77'' Actobotics: 545640
Robot Shop: RB-Sct-629
$4.99 2 $0.00 $9.98
Hub Adapter Actobotics 1.50" x 0.770" Actobotics: 545388
Robot Shop: RB-Sct-376
$3.99 2 $0.00 $7.98
Wheel Actobotics 6" Heavy Duty Actobotics: 595610
Robot Shope: RB-Sct-437
or smile.amazon.com
$9.99 2 $9.00 $28.98
Casters 5" x 1-1/4" Swivel Caster with 7/16" diameter grip ring connector. PRES5024ZN-TPR
Hardware Store, or

Phone or email Order to sales@a1casters.com or smile.amazon.com
$7.50 2 $10 $25.00


Motor Controller Board and Joystick Joystick Motor Controller Board with Joystick JOY_MOTOR_CTRL www.openwheelchair.org
$139.95 1 $9.95 USA,

$47.00 International
$149.90 USA,

$186.95 International
5 Ah SLA Battery Any 12VDC light weight battery may be used. It should have a capacity of 5 - 12 Ah. DO NOT EXCEED 12V. B000YA7SQU smile.amazon.com $14.99 1 $0.00 $14.99
Battery Charger Power Stream: PST-3P10-12VA with alligator clips, or
Amazon: Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger
PST-3P10-12VA, or 210123 www.powerstream.com smile.amazon.com $26.92 1 $0 $26.92

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